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Vincent van Warmerdam is widely known for his scores for

feature film, documentary and television. He was awarded European Film Composer of the Year for The Northerners (Alex van Warmerdam) and a Golden Calf for Kicks (Albert ter Heerdt)

He scored the Palme D'Or nominated Borgman and the Nipkow awarded documentary series Schuldig. 

Rojo (Benjamin Naishtat), the Argentinian feature he scored, was selected for the 2018 competition of Toronto International Film Festival and nominated for the Silver Condor Best Music (Argentina) and winner of the Buma Awards (the Netherlands) best original composition in Film. Vincent's latest collaboration was with Chilean director Maite Alberdi for her documentary The Mole Agent (nominee best documentary in the Sundance Film Festival, USA)

He was a founding member of the legendary rocktheatregroup Hauser Orkater and developed as a composer in the musical theatre of the Mexicaanse Hond with his brothers Alex and Marc. He created a serie of musical plays for Orkater: The Formidable Yankee, The Prefab Four, Blackface and Who Murdered Mary Rogers? a.o. and recently created in his own right Murder Ballads, Judee Sill and Not the Tommy Cooper Story with Michel Sluysmans. Now he's preparing musical theatre about the Dutch born manager of Elvis Presley, Colonel Parker who escaped his homeland the Netherlands for grim reasons. 

The Rock me Baby theatre tour with Servaes Nelissen, René van 't Hof and Kees Van der Vooren about the fictional unsuccessful nederpopgroup the Promise was postponed due to covid-19.

He collaborated with writers Maria Barnas, Kees van Kooten, Sjoerd Kuyper, Guus Kuijer, Jan Veldman and Alex van Warmerdam o.a. and composed for, or worked with the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Dutch Wind Ensemble, the Metropole Orchestra, Jules Buckley, The Ebony Band, Wolter Wierbos, David Kweksilber, De Kift, Tim Knol, Hennie Vrienten, My Baby, Awkward i, de Toneelmakerij, Het Nationale Toneel, Calefax, Carel Kraayenhof, Barbara Hannigan, the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra a.o. and was Edison nominated for the Moondogs popalbum Diamond in the Crowd. With Kees Prins (Jiskefet) he co-wrote the Ajax club anthem 'Mijn Club'.

He currently plays guitar in the punk-country band Mr. Ferocious.

In 2016 made his debut as a novelist with 'De Plectrumfabriek'.

 His second novel 'Boxgeur' was released in July 2020.